Ask Kate: GMAT Score 730 with 47 Quant – Good Enough for Top Bschools?

If You Have A Good GMAT Score, It’s Time To Focus On Your MBA Application.



Hi Kate

I just took the GMAT a week ago and got a 730 with 47 Quant and 42 Verbal. I was happy with the score but I’m reading a lot about how a 47 in Quant would not be good enough for the top 20 B-Schools. Is that true? Do you think I should take the exam again?



With a 730, the 47 is fine. 47 is basically a minimum threshold for quant – percentiles have jumped upward, but 47 today is comparable to a 47 five years ago. You’ve made it and you have a 730 so you’re at or above average for each of the top schools. The GMAT won’t hold you back. I would not bother with a retake. Focus all efforts on the application. Good luck!


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