Ask Kate: GMAT Score is Great Experience is Lacking

If you lack work experience when applying to an MBA program, your essays need to be top-notch.




Hi kate

I recently gave gmat and received 730. Q 51 and v 37 along with IR 6. My verbal score was below average as I was scoring 40+ in the simulated tests. I have a mechanical engg degree in ug along with an industrial engineering masters and been working as a purchase professional in FMCG company. My gpa is also 3.6 + in both degrees. By the time I apply to b schools I will have 3 years of work ex.

Since i was targeting top schools I wondered if its worth to retake the test in order to boost the verbal and have a more balanced score. Will the current scores be an impediment in applying to good schools.

Wrong ExperienceHi! Great question. Your current scores aren’t likely to be the challenge. As much as schools enjoy a solid technical professional, you want to be careful about being all tech all the time. Make sure your essays create a compelling case for what you will do with an MBA. Show your humanity as best as possible. If you were my student I’d high five you on the GMAT and move to preparing you for the essays. Or . . . I may even ask you to delay a year in order to get very specific work experience if I think you’ll be weak because you are lacking X, Y or Z.

Don’t sweat the GMAT score – despite the low verbal, your high quant saved the day. You’re good to go there. Congrats on a great GMAT result! Best wishes in the business school application process.


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