Ask Kate: GMAT Score Low 700’s, Quant Low 40’s

There’s no such thing as preparing too much to increase your quant on the GMAT.



I have been scoring 99th percentile for verbal (45+), and my math score has been hanging around 45,46,47…if my aggregate score is in the 730/740/750 range, will that still be cause for concern at the top tier programs (Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Northwestern, etc)

softenAs long as the aggregate is over 730, most programs will give you a check mark for the GMAT score if you’re that close. The only time I’ve seen serious push back (from inside) was when the team really didn’t want the candidate but needed a strong enough reason to not accept given a strong donor affiliation. The kid had a 42 on quant and a 730 overall. Admissions dinged him for low quant, and the donor accepted the decision without a fuss.

But if those are only practice test scores, do consider refining your prep on quant a bit before heading in. Execution is everything. If quant wastes you, you may find your natural verbal ability drops post quant section. Remember to shake of the quant before you engage on verbal. You’re putting up great GMAT percentiles. Keep up the good work!



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