Ask Kate: GMAT Score of 680 With 35 Verbal

Low GMAT Score With Low Verbal: What Now?



Hi Kate,

I recently took the GMAT and received an overall score of 680 with : Q47 /V35, and IR 5/12 . I am hoping to apply for top 5-10 full time MBA Programs. I have an MS from Univ of Michigan Ann-Arbor in Mech Engg. with GPA 3.7 and have been working as an Engineer with Forbes 500 company for 3.5 years. This was my first attempt with GMAT, do you recommend I retake the GMAT or focus on applications ?


680Double whammy, your overall score is low and your quant score is low for an engineer. If the rest of your profile rocks and you’re able to convey just how much you rock via your essays and letters of recommendation, the 680 will be a small minus (not great) where a 710+ Q48+ would be a check (ok).

I would spend 30 days focusing 70% of effort on Verbal – learn a handful of methods to see structure in SC and really get clear about arguments in CR, RC will improve if you improve CR. The 30% of time on math should be used to refine how you answer questions and the way you think through them. ONLY use retired GMAT questions for your prep work. ONLY!!

Good luck!


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