Ask Kate: GMAT Score or Percentile More Important?

I scored a scaled score of 48 on quant & a 40 on verbal (overall 710).
Is this a balanced score?
Also, is this good enough for a top 5 school in the GMAT category?

A 48 on quant is a 76th %ile when I took it (a 48 is now a 74%ile) so is the %ile a problem or does the scaled score matter?

percentilesHi Jeyur,
A GMAT score of 48/40 is certainly good enough for top 5. I’d worry less about the percentiles. The GMAT quant percentiles have been dropping like rocks the past 3 years. On the plus side, the verbal percentiles are going the other way. You may be slightly below average on the score, but you are in safe “check mark” territory. I would ramp up efforts on the overall application. Good luck!



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