Ask Kate: GMAT Score with Low Quant

Does a 45 quant call for a GMAT retake?



I understand that the 80% threshold is the gold standard for Quant scores, but I’m wondering at what point a Q score is considered low enough that an applicant should address it. I scored 45Q (68%)/ 44V (97%) which equated to a 720. Is a 45Q something to worry about?

Quant too lowHi Bryan, depends on the School and your other metrics. The 720 won’t hurt the School’s average so that works in your favor. If your GPA is better than the program’s average, you’re probably fine. If your GPA is low and this was only your first take, it would be wise to retake – more for the sake of showing effort. That said, I would not feel compelled to address this as a “weakness” in the optional essay. That often looks like showboating. You did fine. But it would be nice to see that quant up. It is a low quant score, but given your overall, it won’t be devastating.


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