Ask Kate: Good Overall GMAT Score with Low IR

A low IR doesn’t keep top MBA programs out of reach, but is still worth retaking the GMAT for.



hi! I took the gmat this week and scored 720 – 47 on Quant and 42 on verbal, but only a 5 on IR. should i be concerned about the quant + IR for top ten schools? i will have five years of work experience in consulting.

Low IRHi Rebecca, you’re in decent shape. Your Low IR score isn’t likely to keep you out. The 47 on quant is good enough, the 42 on verbal gives your score nice juice. If this was your first take and you have bandwidth for a 2nd . . . there’s no harm in a retake. If you do retake, clean up IR, and see what you can do to boost quant a touch. If this was your second take, call it done.

Good for you! Great work this past week. Nice to have a solid GMAT score on the board. Best wishes!


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