Ask Kate: High Quant Low Verbal

Does a high quant balance out a low verbal?



Hi Kate,

Thank you for your article. I’m surprised to learn that a 50Q/35V is a rare space since that’s been my consistent range of scores. In light of the bad 35V number, I’m pleased to read here that a 47+ quant is favored over the opposite of 35Q/50V as I’ve scored 51+ several times on the mock tests.

Can you possibly elaborate what that “rarity” means? Good? Bad? Ugly?

Rare spaceYou have it backwards. A 50V/35Q is quite rare. Your score is more common. Verbal 50 + quant 35 is a rare combination – in the population that seeks business school. High quant, low verbal is common but accepted. Good work on the strong quant performance.


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