Ask Kate: Is a 710 GMAT Score Sufficient?

If your GMAT score is looking good, then direct your focus to your MBA application.



Hey Kate, I took my GMAT for a 3rd time and i scored 710 total (42q and 44v) i am a female Egyptian, working as an equity analyst with a GPA equivalent to 4.0 in management with a double major in finance and economics. I am applying for the top 10 schools with a full scholarship from a social fund in Egypt, do i need to retake the test?

SkillsHi Maria, Your GMAT score is fine. You can demonstrate math proficiency through work assignments and or undergraduate work. Since you’ve already taken 3x, mba admission offices won’t care to have you take again. Create some killer essays and make sure you help your recommenders understand what you want highlighted (It really can be difficult for folks to write letters of recommendation for business school applicants. Give them some decent guidance without writing the letters for them). Good luck and best wishes!



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