Ask Kate: Low GMAT Score offset by High GPA? . . . Maybe

If you’ve scored just enough on the GMAT to be accepted into top 15 MBA programs, your applications and interview prep are your biggest priorities.



Hi Kate!

I’m currently applying to a Top 15 MBA program in its final round and scored a 660 (44Q/37V) back in 2010. I’m hopeful that my 3.92 undergrad GPA and W/E will allow the adcom to overlook the below average GMAT (by about 40 points, still within the middle 80%). What are your thoughts? I know the final rounds are more competitive – good lesson learned. Still room for me to apply next year or the year after and retake the GMAT. Chances average/good/bad?


high gpaHi Colin! Well, my answered is a little delayed, but as awesome as the 3.92 is . . it kind of depends on the subject matter you studied. Double E, awesome. English Lit . . . mmm, well okay. English Lit at an Engineering School, shame on you.

So in short, the 44Q is low, the 37V didn’t help and the time lag is not ideal. Killer essays? I hope so. If you were my student, I’d be concerned for your interview opportunity. If you get an interview, prepare like nobody’s business. You are heading for a big battle. I’m forever optimistic. Hope you get what you want or something even better!


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