Ask Kate: Low GPA MBA Admissions

With a 2.04 GPA in entrepreneurial business, how can I enroll in an MBA program of one of the top universities?


I was busy reading books and building things as I had some family financial problems (long story)

Please don’t suggest repeating some courses as i don’t want to waste more time.

How did others respond?

low gpa


A: Top MBA programs require that you demonstrate that you are a potential shaper of society or a very strong participant. What that means in your case is

  1. You’ll have to rock the GMAT. Good GMAT score is at least 720, and I’d suggest 740+.
  2. You’ll need to demonstrate that you have had major impact on (take your pick) an industry, major company, political situation, ruling family, or some other big deal. (professional sports?)
  3. In lieu of #2, you’ll need to demonstrate that you can have that kind of impact.

A 2.04 in what is considered an easy degree is not impressive. It doesn’t matter what your personal situation was. Even if it was your own terminal illness, the 2.o GPA indicates that you were foolish. You could have withdrawn from university, but you didn’t. That indicates to a top tier institution that you did not understand the ramifications of your decision. Period.

Do not beget poor judgment in the past with poor judgment now.

I agree, don’t waste your time retaking classes. With a GPA that bad in a low quality degree, you must demonstrate quantitative competency above that of your peers AND that you are a bad ass in some way.

It isn’t hopeless, but it will be tricky. Good luck!



Ask Kate Response: High GMAT, Low GPA, Little Work Experience . . . Top Bschool Material?

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