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If your GMAT score is 700, which MBA programs will accept your scores?


I just took the GMAT after a long prep and got a 700. My subscores were Q 44 V 41. I am concerned about the low 60th percentile quant. I have a major in accounting, minor in finance, with straight As, but from a small, not very prestigious school. Additionally, my quant score has been stagnant (43,44) on multiple practice test going back 3 months. The only quant improvement has been speed, as I was able to get 44 with 10 mins remaining, whereas before, it was down to the wire.

For schools in the 10-30 rank range, will this score and GPA in a quant based undergrad program be enough?

WorriedHi David, The 700 is a nice tick mark so kudos there. If it was your first official GMAT result, consider a retake to boost the low quant. It won’t matter if your overall score slips a little. You use your best when you apply. If it wasn’t your first take, see below.

So 10-30 on the schools – you are probably just at the school average for many of them so it would depend on which business school. Consider how you measure up to the median GMAT score of your favorite business school programs. If you are at or within 20 points (high or low!) of your target School’s GMAT average, you’d do well to retake focusing your efforts with a gmat study plan that emphasizes quality quant work – not quantity. If you are 40 points above your school’s average, you have much more flexibility (i.e. you can put the GMAT behind you without a retake).


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