Ask Kate: Low Quant on GMAT with Finance Background

If You’re Aiming For The Lauder Program, Retaking The GMAT Might Be A Good Move.



Hi Kate,

I’m a Brazilian female applicant to the Wharton / Lauder program. I scored 700 (Q44/V41) and 7 on IR. I am concerned with my quant score. I have good track record on calculus and statistics at college and I work as an investment banking analyst, which could show my quantitative ability. Should I retake it?

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financeHi LG,
If this was your first take, retake. The Lauder program is very competitive. Not putting a second attempt on the books looks lazy or as though you didn’t take the program seriously / understand how competitive it is. CAUTION: If you use brute force, you’ll continue to land low. You don’t need to do a million problems, you need to do 100, but understand 3+ different ways to work each of the 100. More like a dance, less like a test.

If you’ve taken three or more times, do not retake.

Good luck!


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