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When applying to MBA programs, a GMAT retake may make all the difference.




Hi Kate.

I recently took the GMAT and bombed out on my verbal (despite English being my first language). I mismanaged my time and think I was penalized heavily for running out of time, resulting in a 31. Quants went well, however, with a 47.

Do you think the verbal score will significantly impact my chances of being accepted into a top 20 business school (and chances of bursaries etc) or would you recommend I rewrite?

47-31Hi Lindsey, assuming this was your first take, yes, please retake.

Your overall GMAT score is likely too low for top 20 mba programs to consider carefully without at least a second shot. Considering your mismanagement of time on this first take, it would be unwise to submit applications without a retake. Those GMAT percentiles aren’t likely to represent you well. You should be able to put several points on the board just by finishing. Treat the GMAT like a strategy game. You win by perfecting your mix of time and accuracy. You may need to sacrifice a question or two along the way. Small sacrifices along the way cost less than timing out. MBA admission committees would rather see a second take – even if you land in the same spot – than no second take.

Good luck!


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