Ask Kate: Non-Native English Speaker needs to Improve Verbal on GMAT

Do You Need To Improve Your Verbal Before A Retake?



I got q39/v20. I’m totally dejected. Don’t know how to improve my verbal score. I’m strong in quants but dont know how it went down to 39. Please help me out.

very low verbalWell, first, I’ve never known someone strong at quant to score a 39 – even on a supremely bad day, not even close. Which says to me that you are not clear on your strengths and weaknesses relative to your peers.

Giving you benefit of the doubt, I’d wager that your troubles start with your comprehension in English. If English is not your native language, please dedicate your effort to learning English more solidly so your Reading Comprehension and Critical Reading can help you pull the Verbal portion up. The bonus is – with better RC/CR skills – you will understand what you’re being asked to do on quant. GMAT quant is not interested in mental math and brute force calculations, but rather concerned with critical evaluation.

Spend significant time with American English language resources. I have a list of free and paid Americanize My English resources here. Good luck!


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