Ask Kate: Okay Quant, Low Verbal

Getting a good GMAT score means knowing how to study well.



Hi I have GMAT and scored a Quant 44 and verbal on 30, resulting which my scores are shattered.
This is my first take.i plan for a second intake, However, I am looking forward to improve on my TIME management.
Please help

v30Hi Penta, given your written comment, I would offer that you have more room for improvement than time management. Your GMAT study plan needs to include diligent English preparation. The most efficient way to clean up your English is to read prolifically. For students who start with your demonstrated language ability, I recommend at least one book a week. Choose fiction or non-fiction, but read, read, read! By immersing yourself in English books, the language will wash over you. It will be the more efficient way for you to pick up phrasing.

It won’t be a quick fix, but it will be what you need to improve your GMAT as well as earn admittance to a decent MBA program and ultimately for success in Business if you plan to conduct business in English.



Ask Kate: Low Quant and Low Verbal

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