Ask Kate: Overall GMAT under 700 with Low Quant

Sometimes You Have To Retake The GMAT More Than Twice.



Hi Kate,

Thanks for your eval! I took the GMAT twice – in December scored 650 (Q39, V41, IR3, AWA6). Went in for a retake this week and scored a 690 (Q46, V38, IR6, AWA6). I’m concerned that this score is sub-700 and sub-Q47. The verbal slide cost me a 700+ score this time around – was a bit too slow! I’m American but targeting only EU schools (INSEAD, Said, Judge, HEC, LBS, etc). What are your thoughts toward scheduling a 3rd exam? Or…should I just move ahead with applications?

Under 700Hey JT,
1. Retake. It shouldn’t take more than 3 weeks to refine from where you are. Make sure you spend 20-30% of your time on verbal, refine, optimize.
2. While sub-700 won’t keep you out of any school technically, it sets you back a bit and you have to overcome it. Better to make the GMAT a non-issue with 47+ on quant and 710+ on score. You’re close enough to make that a reality.
3. Get some help on quant if you can afford it. You made great progress this go-round but a little bit of time with an expert can really ramp up your game.

Good luck! LMK what happens,


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