Ask Kate Responses

A Selection of Ask Kate responses focused on the Business School Candidate and Career Switcher.

The Admissions Interview: Your Standing

You have received an invitation from admissions for an interview. What does that mean for your chances of being admitted? Kate explains in this video what an interview means in relation to your standing with the school.

The Admissions Interview: Advice on Discussing your Resume

In the interview you are going to be asked about your resume. Kate offers advice on the different ways to present the information to the interviewer along with some advice on what not to do.

Should you Retake the GMAT?

John has taken the GMAT three times going from a 500 to a 620 with 47 verbal and 39 quant. He would like to know, if he should continue trying to improve his score. Kate explains when you should retake the GMAT and when you should not.

Are you Top 10 Bschool Material?

High GMAT, Low GPA, and little work experience. Understand the different aspects of the admissions evaluation.

Can I Change Careers via Business School?

Many people change careers via business school, but to do it successfully avoid these pitfalls.

Choosing a Career: Passion vs. Interest

50+ years of work is a really long time.

Professional goes back to school, but quant is low . . . too low.