Ask Kate: Two Attempts and No Improvement in Overall GMAT Score

Student has taken the GMAT twice, but no improvement. What next?



I have given GMAT twice. Unfortunately ended up with same overall score of 650.

1st Attempt – Q-42 V-36

2nd Attempt – Q-47 V-32

Should I retry? I am targeting at Top B-school programs only. I worked on my Quants and improved it by 5 points and I really feel that at 49 is achievable as I have got it in my practice tests many times. What are your suggestions? Is it worth trying again? If yes then what can I do to get back to at least 36 in Verbal? My SC is fine. Problem areas are CR and RC!


No ImprovementHi Rahul,
Bummer to have your verbal drop. Low verbal completely mutes a decent quant score. If your objective is over 700 . . . that verbal needs to come up past the 36. Technically you can earn 700, even 710 with a verbal of 36, but that is very difficult to do and requires an almost perfect quant. With a quant of 49/50 and verbal of 36 you are likely to just barely scrape 700. (there are high and low 49s, etc.)

IF CR and RC are a problem, you’d be wise to spend some time fixing those before school anyway. Start with a Logical Reasoning book. I like ManhattanLSAT’s Logical Reasoning book. Chapters 2 and 3 are the keys to get your head wrapped around. Spend 2 weeks focused on that and then switch back to GMAT prep work.

Aim to increase your verbal as much as possible. It will make you a better candidate overall and make your mba experience much more productive. Good luck!


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