How to effectively use practice SAT tests

Practice makes perfect, whether you’re a violinist or a student. Students studying for the SAT and other tests are encouraged to take practice tests and solve many of the same type of problem. But a violinist will get nowhere if he does not first learn where to place his fingers. The same applies to SAT … Read more

Externalizing memories through tech and society

Those who disagree with using technology in classrooms, are often drawing conclusions based on the sad cognitive decline from those who use tech as a crutch.   Technology is ubiquitous. There’s no need to consult a map when you can simply plug an address into your phone for directions. Don’t bother remembering what year a … Read more

Accepting tutors into the education system

In the world of education, the tutor is often seen as an outsider. Many conversations question the private instructor’s legitimacy: is using a tutor cheating? If you hire an expensive tutor, are you buying your way to a higher score? What about tutors’ credentials and training? The connotation of having a tutor is emotionally loaded, … Read more

Don’t miss the point of the PISA

A four letter acronym is being bandied about in the educational sphere: PISA. The Programme for International Student Assessment is a study in the form of a test, meant to assess the academic levels of 15 year olds worldwide in math, science, and reading. The most recent test results came in recently, and has promptly … Read more

Stop outsourcing adaptive teaching to technology

“Ubiquitous technology… may be the new hope for the future of education.” At the turn of the century technology was becoming a part of our lives and gradually, of our school systems. As technology improved so did our eagerness to use it in classrooms in the form of computer labs, iPads, and even educational games. … Read more

Kill the lesson plan

In the Prepwise program, great instructors are not born, they are coached. Scripted Lesson plans don’t belong in a private tutoring environment. If this sounds like an extreme statement, consider the fact that tutors have the ability to do what is valued by educators everywhere: get inside each student’s head. Good lessons are fluid, flexible, … Read more

Engaging students beyond the classroom

“People excel and learn, not because they are told to, but because they want to.“- Peter Senge recently published an article titled “Beyond Mendel: Student DNA Barcoding Project introduces next-generation microbiology to classrooms.” That’s right, K-12 students working on DNA. In addition to teaching them concepts of science, introducing them to labwork, and providing … Read more

SAT, SATs, ACT… Which test should you take?

College admissions used to be simpler. Now in addition to dealing with the daunting application process, you also have the responsibility of choosing, studying for, and taking the right admissions test. This may have you confused: how do you decide if you should take the SAT, the SAT subject tests, or the ACT? Keeping these … Read more

Higher pay may not prevent teacher exodus

The general consensus is that low salaries are decreasing interest in teaching as a profession. Unfortunately, teacher salaries are notoriously low. The National Educational Association has found that while salaries are on a steady rise, their value in today’s economy has remained at a steady $45k in 2003 dollars, even dipping slightly in recent years. … Read more

How much should you raise your SAT score?

You’ve taken your PSAT. You’ve done one or two SAT practice tests. The results are in, and now you have some numbers – what do you do with them? How many points you should aim to increase your score? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Many tutors and tutoring services discuss results in terms of numbers, … Read more

When should you start studying for the SAT?

I was recently approached by the mother of a 7th grader about SAT tutoring for her child. That got me wondering, is it ever too early to start studying for the SAT? My answer is start early but not too early. We sometimes forget that SAT prep is always going on – by attending school, … Read more

How SAT prep can hurt your score

If you’re a high school student studying for the SAT, you may be doing it wrong. You can have the best tutor, buy the best books, and still not see the benefit you believe you should be seeing. That’s because you might be overlooking a critical aspect of studying – when you do it. You … Read more