Ask Kate: 730 GMAT Score with Low Quant

Student scores a 730 on the GMAT. Good enough for top MBA programs?   Hi Kate, I scored a 730 the 2nd time I took the GMAT (47Q 68%, 42V 96%). The first time I scored a 700 (49Q 79%, 36V 81%). Should I be concerned about my low quant score (in particular the percentile) … Read more

Ask Kate: Two Attempts and No Improvement in Overall GMAT Score

Student has taken the GMAT twice, but no improvement. What next?   Hi KATE, GREAT WORK!!! I have given GMAT twice. Unfortunately ended up with same overall score of 650. 1st Attempt – Q-42 V-36 2nd Attempt – Q-47 V-32 Should I retry? I am targeting at Top B-school programs only. I worked on my … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Score – Lowish Quant

Student scores a 660 on the GMAT with a low quant. Is it time to retake?   Hi Kate, First, thank you so much for the great advice. I scored 37 Verbal, 44 Quant (660), 5.5 Analytical Writing and 8 Integrated Reasoning. My target school is Emory’s One-Year MBA program. I come from a liberal … Read more

Ask Kate: 700 with 40 Verbal and 44 Quant

Should You Retake The GMAT After A 700 Score?     I just took the GMAT for the first time and received a 700 but not with a particularly balanced score (Q 40, V 44). I was a Business and Psychology major in college with a 3.55 GPA overall and good grades in several math-based … Read more

Ask Kate: Will a 670 GMAT Score get me in Kellogg?

A 670 GMAT Score With a Low Verbal: Good Enough for Kellogg?   Hi Kate, I am from Pakistan. I intend to apply to Kellogg, INSEAD and London Business School. My extra curriculars (particularly sports) are strong and I already have an MBA+ Engineering from Pakistan. I worked for 3 years for one of the … Read more

Ask Kate: Does Unofficial GMAT Test Score Show IR Percentile?

Are Unofficial Scores Shown in IR percentile?     Hi! I just wanted to ask if , in the UNOFFICIAL test score, will I be shown my IR PERCENTILE? I came to know that IR scores are shown , but please clarify about percentile, as I have scheduled my exam only a week before last … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Score of 680 With 35 Verbal

Low GMAT Score With Low Verbal: What Now?     Hi Kate, I recently took the GMAT and received an overall score of 680 with : Q47 /V35, and IR 5/12 . I am hoping to apply for top 5-10 full time MBA Programs. I have an MS from Univ of Michigan Ann-Arbor in Mech … Read more

Ask Kate: Will Better GMAT Score Land a Better Job?

GMAT Score Vs. Job Success: Do Higher Scores Affect Better Employment?     Kate, I’m very frustrated, and I’ve messaged you before, but I wanted to reach out again. I have managed to get my Quant score up to 46 on the latest retake, but still cannot crack 700 due to a low verbal score, … Read more

Ask Kate: Consultant GMAT Score and Engineer GMAT Score are not Comparable

How Do Your GMAT Scores Compare With Other Candidates?     Hi Kate, I recently took the GMAT and received an overall score of 710 and scored the following in the breakdown categories: Q47 (68th percentile) and V41 (94th percentile), and IR 6/12 (67th percentile). My quant and integrative reasoning scores are lower than I … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Score Dropped After Retake. Should I do Another Retake?

Hi Kate Thank you very much for your feedback. I am a European candidate and my target schools are Booth, Haas, Kellogg, Sloan and Stern. I have taken the test twice. The first time I took the gmat was on January 2015: Jan 15: IR 3 (25%), Q45 (63%), V41 (94%), T700 (89%) I was … Read more

Ask Kate: When to Retake the GMAT

If You’re Aiming For The Top 15 MBA Programs, You May Need To Take The GMAT More Than Once.     Hi Kate, I just sat for the GMAT and walked away with my unofficial score of 710: 43Q (56%) and 44V (98%) and 8 IR (92%). I’m confident I got at least a 4.5 … Read more

Ask Kate: 700 GMAT Score with 41 Quant

The GMAT: Is It Possible To Dramatically Improve Your Verbal Score?     Hi Kate, I scored a 700 on the GMAT with Q41 and V45, IR 5. I’ve a background in management consulting in Kenya. I’m pretty sure I can write stellar essays and my recommendations will be great. One of my recommenders features … Read more

Ask Kate: Should I retake when GMAT Quant Score is so Volatile?

What Are The Most Effective GMAT Resources?     Hi Kate, I took the GMAT for a second time and got a 690 (43 – Q, 41 V) , the first time I got a 680 (42. 42). I have a 3.95 GPA in finance and work in management consulting. I’d like to take it … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Score 730 with 47 Quant – Good Enough for Top Bschools?

If You Have A Good GMAT Score, It’s Time To Focus On Your MBA Application.     Hi Kate I just took the GMAT a week ago and got a 730 with 47 Quant and 42 Verbal. I was happy with the score but I’m reading a lot about how a 47 in Quant would … Read more

Ask Kate: Does High AWA Make up for Low Verbal on GMAT?

Hi Kate, Thanks for the detailed post on the scoring and scaling! I took the GMAT in early May and scored a 680 (Q49, V34, IR6, AWA6). – this is my first attempt I am a non-native speaker. However, I was surprised with my verbal score because my English skills are pretty good. Also, I … Read more

Ask Kate: Is GMAT Retake Necessary, if not Targeting Top 5?

You Should Always Aim For Top 10 MBA Program.   Hi Kate, I recently scored a 700 on the GMAT with a lower quant score than in many of my practice tests, but much higher verbal (Q42 V44). I also did much better on the integrated reasoning than any of my practice with a score … Read more

Ask Kate: Does Low GMAT Score Mean Haven’t Grasped Fundamentals?

Doing Well In Math On The GMAT Is Essential To Your Scores.   I took my first shot at the GMAT today after about 150 hrs of study and scored 640 (42Q 35V). I am pretty disappointed because I scored a 620 (40Q 34V) on my very first Gmatprep practice test. I am certainly going … Read more

Ask Kate: What Does GMAT Score Say About My Strengths and Weaknesses?

A Decent Verbal Is Essential To A Good GMAT Score.     Hi Kate I just prepared the GMAT for 1 month and hurried to take it yesterday. First I am Chinese so I’m not a native English speaker. I have been out of school and haven’t taken any test for over 10 years. When … Read more

Ask Kate: How Should I prepare for my Next GMAT Exam Retake?

Knowing How To Prepare For The GMAT Is Crucial.     Hi Kate, Please let me know how I must prepare for my 3rd shot at GMAT? (Yes, I’ve already decided to retake). I’m an Indian IT guy targeting US top 20 MBA programs. So my target score is 730+. Total Work Experience: 7 years … Read more

Ask Kate: Overall GMAT under 700 with Low Quant

Sometimes You Have To Retake The GMAT More Than Twice.     Hi Kate, Thanks for your eval! I took the GMAT twice – in December scored 650 (Q39, V41, IR3, AWA6). Went in for a retake this week and scored a 690 (Q46, V38, IR6, AWA6). I’m concerned that this score is sub-700 and … Read more