Ask Kate: 710 Overall GMAT Score with an AWA of 3.5

How Much Does An AWA Score Matter?     Hi, I wrote GMAT for the first time and scored 710 (Q-50,V-36, IR-7). I’m a male IT engineer from India. I’m worried about my scores in AWA. The score is 3.5. Should I retake the exam? Is it going to be a big hurdle for me … Read more

Ask Kate: Low Quant on GMAT with Finance Background

If You’re Aiming For The Lauder Program, Retaking The GMAT Might Be A Good Move.     Hi Kate, I’m a Brazilian female applicant to the Wharton / Lauder program. I scored 700 (Q44/V41) and 7 on IR. I am concerned with my quant score. I have good track record on calculus and statistics at … Read more

Ask Kate: Low GMAT Score offset by High GPA? . . . Maybe

If you’ve scored just enough on the GMAT to be accepted into top 15 MBA programs, your applications and interview prep are your biggest priorities.     Hi Kate! I’m currently applying to a Top 15 MBA program in its final round and scored a 660 (44Q/37V) back in 2010. I’m hopeful that my 3.92 … Read more

Ask Kate: Low Quant and Low Verbal

If you want acceptance into the top MBA programs, a good quant and verbal score is a must.     Hi Kate, Would love your opinion on my score as well as my chances on getting in to the top 10 schools. This is my third attempt of the GMAT- first attempt 600, second attempt … Read more

Ask Kate: GRE Score is Low

Retake the GRE, or take the GMAT?     Hi Kate, I have situation where my GRE is a 161 M and 165 V. Is there hope for top 10 B-School with that. My GPA is extremely low, but I’m finishing up an MA with a 4.0 while I work full time as a TFA. … Read more

Ask Kate: 710 GMAT Score with 47 Quant

Make sure your application is top notch when preparing for a MBA program.     Hi Kate, I read through your post, thanks for your writing I have a particular query- How bad is 47 Quant for an Indian, Non-IT, female? It is 68 percentile only! My overall score is 710 (Q47/V41). Target schools = … Read more

Ask Kate: Is the GMAT Necessary?

Think Your GMAT Scores Won’t Affect MBA Success? Think Again.     Hi Kate, I’m applying for an MBA in Nonprofit Management at a New England school with a big focus on social justice — so definitely not a Harvard- or Stanford-tier program. I just took the GMAT without any serious studying and scored 39/39 … Read more

Ask Kate: 710 GMAT Score and Wants Top School

Good MBA applications go hand-in-hand with good GMAT scores.     Katie, Hope all is well. I have finance/accounting undergraduate degree from a top tier business program and I took the GMAT twice. On my first attempt I got a 680 (47q 36v 6 awa 7ir), and I recently took the test again and scored … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Quant and Verbal in 70th Percentile

Your MBA application is just as important as your GMAT score.     I recently took the GMAT (second attempt) and I scored a 650, 47Q/34V and both were 70th percentile. I am targeting schools in the 15-25 range. Should I be concerned about my score? Hi SB, Your verbal is weak, but you’ve taken … Read more

Ask Kate: Masters Degree with Low GMAT Score

Hello Kate, I took GMAT for second time and scored 620. The breakdown is Q48/V28. The GMAT results are not too different from when I took it the first time. I have a Masters in Aerospace Engineering with 3.8 GPA and a 8 years of work experience. What word of advice do you have for … Read more

Ask Kate: Is a 710 GMAT Score Sufficient?

If your GMAT score is looking good, then direct your focus to your MBA application.     Hey Kate, I took my GMAT for a 3rd time and i scored 710 total (42q and 44v) i am a female Egyptian, working as an equity analyst with a GPA equivalent to 4.0 in management with a … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Lower than Practice Tests

Make sure you have the fundamentals down before taking the GMAT.       I took the GMAT for the first time today and scored a disappointing 610 (Q45, V28). I was particularly shocked when I saw my verbal score. Despite being a non-native english speaker I scored V41 and V39 on my two GMATPrep … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT with Low Quant and Low Verbal

A Low GPA and GMAT Score: Where To Go From Here     Kate, I was recently accepted to the McCombs School of Business at UT-Austin. I will be entering the Part-Time program. I have 4 years work experience, a 3.3 Undergrad GPA in Aerospace Engineering (Texas A&M), currently work as a Software Engineer at … Read more

Ask Kate: Much Experience, Okay GMAT

When applying to different MBA programs, make sure you have great essays.     I took my first swing at GMAT today and ended up with a score of 690 (Q47V38). I am an Indian Male, who is a self employed Attorney. I have had a fairly wide spectrum of professional experiences, ranging from representing … Read more

Ask Kate: 47 Quant on GMAT is Baseline for Bschool

MBA programs are competitive. Do you stand out?     Kate, I was hoping you could help give me some advice. I recently took the GMAT and on the first take received a 700 with a 47Q 40V split. I am targeting top ten schools so the quant score is a little bit low. These … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Score with AWA of 5

Does AWA Matter?     Hi Kate, I scored 48 for quant, 40 for verbal, 8 for IR but a 5 for AWA which is a 60 percentile score. Does the AWA affect entry to any of the top schools? Hi GL, the only time I would be concerned with an AWA score is if … Read more

Ask Kate: Low Verbal on GMAT for Non-Native English Speaker

My GMAT score was 670, with Q49 and V33. English is not my native language, so it was a little challenging. That was my 2nd attempt – I screwed with timing in the first one. How would think that can rate for business schools? Hi Irina, the score won’t prevent you from attending business school, … Read more

Ask Kate: 650 GMAT Score with Low Quant

No matter why you take the GMAT, a decent quant score is important.     Hi Kate , I just gave my gmat today and was disappointed with my scores 650 q44, v 35 ir 7. I’m planning to go for masters in finance or masters in mangement. Is my score good enough or should … Read more

Ask Kate: Engineer with Low Quant on GMAT Score

If your quant on the GMAT was low, you probably need to retake.     Hi Kate, I recently took the GMAT for the first time, and I scored a 710 – 6.0 AWA, 7.0 IR, 41Q, 46V. Strangely, I actually have a quantitative background, as I am a former engineer who now works in … Read more