Behind INSEAD’s New (Improved) Career Office

People can take an inside look behind INSEAD’s new and improved career office. Before new students start their classes at INSEAD, they are asked an important question. Are they an explorer, or are they a hunter? Most say that they are an explorer. A typical class at INSEAD has around 500 young professionals in it from many different countries.

Key Takeaways:

  • A typical class at INSEAD includes about 500 young professionals from scores of different countries.
  • Before even stepping on campus, admitted INSEAD students receive online tutorials on things like resume building and interview skills.
  • INSEAD provides the students now with personal career advisers, who help them during the year figure out where they want to apply, preparing them for interviews etc.

“INSEAD’s ethos and structure create some logistical and career services headaches that many American schools don’t have to deal with.”

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