Better Test Prep – Rethink What and How

gmat test prepWorking with experts means rethinking the the what and how you do what you do. GMAT test prep has been around for decades. The recent spawn of test prep tutoring services, 1400% growth in 10 years means you have to sift through a complex mess of marketing pablum, claims of expertise, and different styles. Because the search for a solution has become so complicated, you’re even more likely to just go with whatever is loudest and most local.

You’re just treading water. Everyone knows the same tricks. That’s no way to build competitive advantage. So what happens when the competitive field ratchets up a few notches.

Dare to do different. Don’t do what you already know how to do faster, rethink how you do!

A good adviser helps you learn how to do things totally different when appropriate.

Ask your potential tutor or teacher how much memorization will be needed. If he says more than zero %, you have the wrong teacher! The GMAT requires no memorization. Working knowledge, yes, but memorization, no. So why do so many teachers promote flashcards? Because they’re lazy and you don’t know better.

Memorizing formulae and idioms is a waste of time.

Develop your critical thinking skills and your mental flexibility. That will help you far beyond your time with the GMAT.


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