Ask Kate: EMBA job placement

Q:Executive MBA: If I take EMBA from a top tier US business school, will I get a job in the USA? I have 7 years work experience as Accounting Supervisor. A: The EMBA is a relatively lousy way to get a job in the US. Some schools will grant you access to career resources – … Read more

Is 51 hours enough for GMAT Prep?

  According to the GMAC, the makers of the GMAT, “Using data collected . . . from more than 8,000 GMAT test takers, we can see that 49% of test takers spend at least 51 hours prepping for the exam, and those who do better on the GMAT tend to spend more time studying for it.” (emphasis added) … Read more

Literary Neuroscience

Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park +fMRI machine = Justification for English majors? Reading Critically does more for you than just inform it may increase your capacity for more complex activities. Anecdotal evidence points to heightened attention from critical textual analysis – the kind you do in a literature class – when compared to casual reading. In … Read more

MBA Salaries are up, where?

Thinking about Business School to make your next career move? You’re in good company. Preliminary reports on post MBA salaries are showing an upward trend. Poets and Quants published the big movers in post MBA salary changes from 2010 to 2014. And Prepwise recently posted the Monetary Value of an MBA Tool (included below). Despite … Read more

Think any MBA will do?

The MBA is a signaling device.   Think again. The MBA is a signaling device. You’re telling the market that you were willing to invest time and money to earn one. So it baffles me when students say, “Oh, I just want a top 10 MBA,” as though they are interchangeable. Well, I guess at … Read more

Prepwise Tip The Bschool Application, Round 3?

Are you planning to apply to business school in 2018? If you’re pushing to applying in Round 3 for a 2018 start, it’s not too late, but you may want to wait for Round 1 in September for a 2019 start. Here’s a question to answer to help you decide. How much depth can you … Read more

Ask Kate Response: Choosing a Major/Career . . . Interest vs. Passion

Passion vs Interest You think it’s time for Business School and you have no idea what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. One of the first things that you need to know is the difference between passion and interest. Knowing this will allow you to more closely align your career goals … Read more

Ask Kate Response: High GMAT, Low GPA, Little Work Experience . . . Top Bschool Material?

If you have a low GPA and little work experience, what is the likelihood that you would be given a spot in one of the top 10 Business Schools? Kate is going to tell you along with how the different facets of the application requirements are viewed. If you would like to ask Kate a … Read more

Student Debt Influences Job and Earnings Potential

You’re looking at an MBA from a top school because of the future earnings potential.   This is going to be costly and, depending on your financial situation, you may be considering taking on a substantial amount of debt.  Did you know that substantial student debt may determine whether you end up in a job … Read more

Ask Kate Response: Using Bschool to Change Careers

Kate answers whether Business School is a good path to take for someone that wants to change careers. She also cautions you about pitfalls that can occur by taking this route. Prepwise Youtube channel If you would like to ask Kate a question regarding college or grad school admissions, choosing a major/career, and/or test preparation, … Read more

Ask Kate Response: Should you Retake the GMAT

John has taken the GMAT three times going from a 500 to a 620 with a 47 verbal and 39 quant. He would like to know, if he should continue trying to improve his score. Kate explains when your should retake the GMAT. If you would like to ask Kate a question regarding college or grad … Read more

Ask Kate Response: The Interview and Your Standing

You have received an invitation from admissions for an interview. What does that mean for your chances of being admitted? Kate explains in this video what an interview means in relation to your standing with the school. She also explains why they interview. If you would like to ask Kate a question regarding grad school … Read more

Ask Kate Response: Interview – Resume Presentation Walk-Through

In the interview you are going to be asked about your resume. Kate offers advice on the different ways to present the information to the interviewer along with some advice on what not to do. If you would like to ask Kate a question regarding college or grad school admissions, choosing a major/career, and/or test … Read more

Ask Kate Response: Admissions Interviews

The admission interview is just one part of a larger process for evaluating candidates.  In this video Kate explains how the interview fits in to the overall process. If you would like to ask Kate a question regarding college or grad school admissions, choosing a major/career, and/or test preparation, you may submit your questions here. Prepwise YouTube … Read more

Favorite Study Tools

This favorite tool should be used by students who need extensive math drill work. Software Where to get: signup at (click here) How much it costs: basic edition is $9.95/mo Who should use it: Students who are slow to calculate, those who may not have learned math very clearly ages 10-14, and those … Read more

My favorite study tools – GMAT

Some of my favorite study tools are student specific. But this favorite tool should be used by every GMAT student. GMAT Prep Software Where to get: download from (click here) How much it costs: basic edition is free Who should use it: YOU! When you should use it: After you’ve had a chance to … Read more

Getting into Stanford GSB

Getting into a Stanford GSB program is a lofty goal. The acceptance rate is puny and the competition is fierce. Even if you have what seems like an automatic in – “My boss has a building named after him,” or “My cousin serves on the board**,” there is no guarantee beyond being a candidate they … Read more

Reflections on my First Year as a MBA Student

If you’re a first year MBA student, there will be much to learn for the future. Read this reflection and  helpful MBA tips for new students and what to expect.   As a rising MBA2, this summer has given me the chance to reflect on being a first year MBA student. MBA Orientation was a … Read more

GMAT schedule for Round 1 – Summer is over

Have you taken the GMAT yet?     Friendly reminder, if you have not booked your August test date for the GMAT, book soon! In many markets it is hard to get a desirable GMAT time in August and early September. So many students aim to take the test in the Monday morning 8a slot. If … Read more

Bschool Apps – What I Wished I Had Known Part 3

Part 3: Bschool Apps are more work than you think if you’re aiming for top 10 MBA acceptance. Here’s where to go for more information and what students wished they had known before beginning the bschool process. From Parts 1 and 2: John: Mild mannered, Liberal Arts grad in Liberal Arts field, 3 years experience. … Read more