Is 51 hours enough for GMAT Prep?

  According to the GMAC, the makers of the GMAT, “Using data collected . . . from more than 8,000 GMAT test takers, we can see that 49% of test takers spend at least 51 hours prepping for the exam, and those who do better on the GMAT tend to spend more time studying for it.” (emphasis added) … Read more

Literary Neuroscience

Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park +fMRI machine = Justification for English majors? Reading Critically does more for you than just inform it may increase your capacity for more complex activities. Anecdotal evidence points to heightened attention from critical textual analysis – the kind you do in a literature class – when compared to casual reading. In … Read more

Favorite Study Tools

This favorite tool should be used by students who need extensive math drill work. Software Where to get: signup at (click here) How much it costs: basic edition is $9.95/mo Who should use it: Students who are slow to calculate, those who may not have learned math very clearly ages 10-14, and those … Read more

My favorite study tools – GMAT

Some of my favorite study tools are student specific. But this favorite tool should be used by every GMAT student. GMAT Prep Software Where to get: download from (click here) How much it costs: basic edition is free Who should use it: YOU! When you should use it: After you’ve had a chance to … Read more