How to Choose Schools that Fit, Rank, and I can get into?

Among the initial evaluation students this is one of the first questions I get. You may not like my answer. For starters, it is exactly THE WRONG WAY to think about Business School. You are trying to get into their programs as though they can magically fix something for you. You have given away your … Read more

Get Organized

Get Your Machines in Order Have you been scribbling notes on your ipad in one app and your iphone in another? Do you have files left over from your college days? Where’s the most recent copy of your digital resume? Before you apply to Graduate School, or even if you’re already in, consider cleaning up your … Read more

What is important?

A student (HBS) recently asked me “What do you think the top ten (five?) things people do not want to think about but are important? (Think life responsibilities aka when it comes to getting an education, owning a home, being financially responsible, eating well, cleaning, raising kids, etc).” Here’s the abbreviated version of my response. What … Read more

Getting Digitally Organized for Application Season

Have you been scribbling notes on your ipad in one app and your iphone in another? Do you have files left over from your college days? Where’s the most recent copy of your digital resume? Before you apply to Business School, or even if you’re there already, consider cleaning up your desktop, phone(s), and tablet. … Read more

This Week’s News

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Focus In past editions we’ve talked about the importance of Focus and how the world is actually working against you. Reminder: Studies show that too much unfocused time degrades your ability to concentrate when needed. Multi-tasking regularly actually diminishes your capacity to focus on discrete tasks.  Even when you’ve trained your focus muscles, when you … Read more

Case Study: Teaching to Consulting

Case Study: Samantha former teacher, post MBA strategy consultant Sam was a science teacher at prestigious middle school in the Northeast stuck between an urge to do something more competitive, have a family, and something she just couldn’t nail down. She was doing well financially as a teacher – much better than most teachers, and … Read more

What to give your Recommendation Writers

Your Letters of Recommendation. Some part of your candidacy is determined by letters of recommendation written by – usually – your current boss and another manager. You can mix and match on the “who” writes your letter as long as at least 1 of the letter writers can speak directly and specifically to your work … Read more


Confidence and success go hand-in-hand.   Confidence is a critical, and often missing, component of success. This is partially a result of a legacy of serfdom, parental messages, and the encouragement of trust in institutions by our schools. Adults need to learn independence, a middle way between trust and naïveté, the acceptance of our shortcomings, … Read more

Self Sabotage

It is normal for people to seek out their own happiness. This is especially true for relationships and careers. It is possible though that things do not go the way you want and you end up having negative feelings. In relationships, we can drive our partners to distraction with self sabotage. You have to make … Read more

Anger Derails Negotiations, Unless You Have a Plan

Anger is a bad idea for any negotiation. No one ever responds well to that. They get defensive and you won’t win them over. You have to have a plan when you’re going to deal with people. If you don’t it will be too easy to get angry which ruins everything. The best way to … Read more

PLATO ON: The Allegory of the Cave

A lot of people find philosophy not only to be boring but to be a myth. However, Plato felt his philosophy principles were the ways of life. How most profound story was the “Allegory of the Cave”. This was about people who had been living in a cave as prisoners for as long as they … Read more

Why Religious Beliefs Aren’t Just Silly

A lot of people have their own beliefs about God and mainly let science tell it all. However, some people think it is a silly thing to believe in God but, they are sadly mistaken. People find it hard to believe in the bible because they find the stories so unrealistic especially since no one … Read more

Do I Really Need a Mock Admissions Interview? [Short Video]

A person might as if they actually need a mock admissions interview. They wonder how important it is for them to have one. One thing that it can do for you is give you a sense of empowerment. It will give you a lot of confidence to be able to do what you want. It … Read more

The Sexiness of Bookish People

Nobody thinks that reading is really attractive because everyone thinks people who love to read are a bunch of nerds. However, people who love to read are some of the most educated people because the more you read the more you know. Everybody loves someone who is very well educated, but do they ever think … Read more

10 Meditation Apps For The Classroom

There are ten meditation apps for the classroom. School can be a very stressful thing nowadays, with all of the pressure that people feel from tests and social groups. It is a good idea to be able to get your mind a little bit freer from the things that stifle your growth. Headspace is one … Read more


Humans have always messed up their lives. Failure has an amazing history. Life is full of failures and people can connect to the stories of everyone else failing. Greek tragedy was designed to show that bad things happen to good people. We need to be kind in the face of danger. Money, fame and military … Read more

Why You Should Put YOUR MASK On First (My Brain Without Oxygen) – Smarter Every Day 157

You should put your mask on first when you are flying in a fighter jet. If you are very high in the air and you take your mask off, then there is a huge problem. Hypoxia will take place if you take your mask off at high altitudes. One man trained with a lot of … Read more

How to Escape from a Car Window (SLOW MOTION) – Smarter Every Day 144

There is a way to escape from a car window when you need to. An experiment was done to see how this would work. Engineers have designed the glass in a car to be very safe for people. It decreases the chance of being cut by it. There are two different kinds of glass that … Read more

Hovering a Helicopter is Hilariously Hard – Smarter Every Day 145

One person heard that hovering a helicopter is an extremely hard thing to do. A pure helicopter with pure augmentation is pretty hard to hover and there are a lot of things to think about in this area. The experiment was pretty tough at first, since the person doing the experiment did not have prior … Read more