Why And How To Say Sorry

Apologies are some of the hardest things for people to do. But it’s one of the most important things in any relationship. You may think that the key to being satisfied in your relationship is to point out the other person’s faults and insist that you’re right. But that isn’t true. Saying “sorry” is guaranteed … Read more

When to Retake the GMAT

Do You Need to Retake the GMAT?   When accepting candidates most institutions prefer to see more than one set of results. Even if your test results are acceptable it is best to try and take the GMAT again in the near future before submitting applications. There have been candidates turned away with strong backgrounds … Read more

Better Test Prep – Rethink What and How

Working with experts means rethinking the the what and how you do what you do. GMAT test prep has been around for decades. The recent spawn of test prep tutoring services, 1400% growth in 10 years means you have to sift through a complex mess of marketing pablum, claims of expertise, and different styles. Because … Read more

Ask Kate: Okay Quant, Low Verbal

Getting a good GMAT score means knowing how to study well.     Hi I have GMAT and scored a Quant 44 and verbal on 30, resulting which my scores are shattered. This is my first take.i plan for a second intake, However, I am looking forward to improve on my TIME management. Please help … Read more

Ask Kate Perfect Quant sucky Verbal GMAT Score

Having a good verbal score on the GMAT is may determine your MBA success.     Hi, I recently took my gmat and i scored a 680 Q51 and V 30 . AWA 6.0 and IR 8.0 . Can you tell me if i should retake the exam? Hi Sid, great work on the GMAT … Read more

Ask Kate Low GMAT Verbal Score

When applying to MBA programs, a GMAT retake may make all the difference.       Hi Kate. I recently took the GMAT and bombed out on my verbal (despite English being my first language). I mismanaged my time and think I was penalized heavily for running out of time, resulting in a 31. Quants … Read more

Ask Kate: Low GPA MBA Admissions

With a 2.04 GPA in entrepreneurial business, how can I enroll in an MBA program of one of the top universities?   I was busy reading books and building things as I had some family financial problems (long story) Please don’t suggest repeating some courses as i don’t want to waste more time. How did … Read more

Ask Kate: EMBA job placement

Q:Executive MBA: If I take EMBA from a top tier US business school, will I get a job in the USA? I have 7 years work experience as Accounting Supervisor. A: The EMBA is a relatively lousy way to get a job in the US. Some schools will grant you access to career resources – … Read more

Beating the Test Stress

Standardized tests get a bad rap. Students get stressed, parents get stressed and then students feel their parents’ stress and wig out some more. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Albert Ellis, author of How To Stubbornly Refuse To Make Yourself Miserable About Anything-yes, Anything and critically acclaimed psychotherapist explains how we create … Read more

Is 51 hours enough for GMAT Prep?

  According to the GMAC, the makers of the GMAT, “Using data collected . . . from more than 8,000 GMAT test takers, we can see that 49% of test takers spend at least 51 hours prepping for the exam, and those who do better on the GMAT tend to spend more time studying for it.” (emphasis added) … Read more

Prepwise GMAT Problem of the Day

Welcome to the Prepwise GMAT Problem of the Day. We ran this in 2015 as an experiment to see who would interact on each problem. It was a huge time drain. Turns out these things can’t be as automated as you think – even with great tools. So. We stopped until we can make this … Read more

Whether and If – interchangeable? Sometimes.

How do you choose between whether and if? And how often does it matter? On the GMAT it doesn’t matter that often thankfully, but here are the highlights for times that may matter: Use “whether,” not “if,” before infinitives. I can’t decide whether to cook dinner or order takeout. Use “whether” in a two-part question … Read more

Ask Kate Response: High GMAT, Low GPA, Little Work Experience . . . Top Bschool Material?

If you have a low GPA and little work experience, what is the likelihood that you would be given a spot in one of the top 10 Business Schools? Kate is going to tell you along with how the different facets of the application requirements are viewed. If you would like to ask Kate a … Read more

Top 3 Resources to Improve English for Non-native Speakers

Here are some resources to aid your writing and speaking skills particularly if you are not a native American English speaker. If you have recommendations, please add them in the comments below. The first few are resources that are uniformly robust and are useful to my former students. These are not resources for total beginners. … Read more

Grammar Nerds Rejoice

Think you have grammar chopz? These two questions are in a quiz listed by the Baltimore Sun. Link to the full quiz is below. I’ll put up my take on how the GMAT would respond next Monday. If you think you have the chopz, make your case in the comments below. (1) Miss Mann is … Read more

Ask Kate Response: Should you Retake the GMAT

John has taken the GMAT three times going from a 500 to a 620 with a 47 verbal and 39 quant. He would like to know, if he should continue trying to improve his score. Kate explains when your should retake the GMAT. If you would like to ask Kate a question regarding college or grad … Read more

Favorite Study Tools

This favorite tool should be used by students who need extensive math drill work. ixl.com Software Where to get: signup at ixl.com (click here) How much it costs: basic edition is $9.95/mo Who should use it: Students who are slow to calculate, those who may not have learned math very clearly ages 10-14, and those … Read more

My favorite study tools – GMAT

Some of my favorite study tools are student specific. But this favorite tool should be used by every GMAT student. GMAT Prep Software Where to get: download from mba.com (click here) How much it costs: basic edition is free Who should use it: YOU! When you should use it: After you’ve had a chance to … Read more

GMAT schedule for Round 1 – Summer is over

Have you taken the GMAT yet?     Friendly reminder, if you have not booked your August test date for the GMAT, book soon! In many markets it is hard to get a desirable GMAT time in August and early September. So many students aim to take the test in the Monday morning 8a slot. If … Read more

4 Days before the GMAT part 3: No time off

Part 3: 4 day GMAT plan You’re taking the GMAT without having any free days just before. Not a problem! My student tend to run hot – i.e. they may be a over-the-top obsessive about details. Great for knocking out financial models, death to your GMAT score if you have too much time on your … Read more