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It takes guts to go after something, to commit to something, to see it through.

And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.

Haruki Murakami, “Kafka on the Shore”

You MUST have a 1-1 evaluation in order to join Acorns. Book your evaluation here: BOOK EVALUATION.

A little coaching can make a huge difference.

When your goal is to enjoy your life, having a fulfilling career is the answer. We can help you get there. Let me show you how to use the skills you’ve built so far with your professional aspirations. From helpful, expert advice to clever prediction tools, you’ll find all the help you need to create your custom career solution. The Acorn experience is designed to develop a leadership style that is authentic to you, thus accelerating your career progress.

Love what you do.

Career Exploration and Transition Options:

One-Time Option – Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation includes a series of assessments online that culminate in a written narrative with actionable advice and one-on-one explanatory session (in person or remote) to explain the actionable advice. This can be done independently of any program and is a one-time fee. Email me: for information or book your personal evaluation here:

This is best for those who are ready to move quickly.

The assessments you take will vary based on professional exposure thus far and aspirations. In the one-on-one session we’ll be able to discuss how close a match you are for your goals, what may be even better that you haven’t considered, and what actions you need to take to get there.

This is appropriate for ages 15+.

Annual Programs (Acorns):

Just Getting Started – Monthly Acorns

Our most budget friendly plan the Just Getting Started (Monthly) plan gives you a student account with new assignments added specifically for you each month. You’ll be able to see the advice you’ve received in the past as well as your assignment feedback. On a monthly basis your account is updated with actions items specifically geared to you for the next month based on your performance on the assignments, what your advisor knows about you, and your schedule. We create workable action plans together. You will also meet with me by video conference at least once a month.

The Big Deal – Weekly Acorns

The Big Deal requires a 12-month initial minimum commitment. Particularly for candidates considering Business School, the Big Deal allows us to match your skills, interests, and life objectives to your multi-step career transition journey. You may be in the field you enjoy but at a company that moves too slowly. Or perhaps you are in the back office in field you enjoy but you cannot see a path to the front office (by the way, not likely to happen at your current firm). Or you’re in a field and functional area that you landed in because you didn’t know what else to do (you are not alone!).

Students who have run through the Big Deal have typically changed jobs and functional areas within 4 months. In many cases this process has also led to cross-country moves, engagements, break-ups, and other major life decisions. There’s no single way to tackle something this big. So we tackle it together, one step at a time. Every journey is sacred. We help you capture your best life – even if, especially if, you don’t know what that looks like yet.

Once the major transition is made (or the first major transition), you graduate to our Alumni Acorn plan which allows for access to one-on-one appointments to make sure that the hiccups that crop up after the transition(s) period are handled swiftly, and with a much reduced annual commitment. You’ll also keep access to your student center with all of the advice and assessment information for you to review as needed.

Basically, if you can swing it, the Big Deal (aka Acorn Weekly) is the way to go.

Acorns needing Applications?

Book an evaluation first. Both the Monthly and Weekly scheduled plans can accommodate school applications.

Application Acorns get the benefit of the life coaching with the complete school application process: guided study, strategic and tactical moves (once through with the applications), personal and professional development, and priority access to tutoring.

Please note, Test preparation = tutoring. Tutoring is billed separately at the end of each month for Acorn program participants.

FYI: the difference between guided study and tutoring

Guided Study – guidance not formal lessons

  • student can complete primarily on his own (such as “Read the following work: ABC, then send me 500 words on XYZ’s Character development arc by Friday.”)
  • long term preparation with lower immediate stakes (for example, “Work through the 200 practice problems in Physics master book over the next month.”)
    (No guided study until application process is complete)

Tutoring – Well defined academic concepts that need immediate attention

  • Test preparation

Family Plans:

Your children speak of finding themselves. You want them to be happy. I can help you both. My focus with Acorns is

Do Well. Do Good.

You may want to help them see new paths to engage the world beyond blind philanthropy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of snarky sharks looking for your kids and far too many dimwitted but smooth financial advisors. There are viable paths forward for doing well while doing good. But there’s a lot of poorly conceived waste too. I can help your children understand how to impact his/her core interests to maximize impact. Almost everything can be evaluated with ROI. The more work you do toward effecting impact, the better the self esteem.

You don’t need a therapist, you need a coach!

If your family has complex family interests that your adult children need to understand, I can help. Interactions at school and early work can present subversively contradictory values or over-simplified explanations of the business world. An overwhelming amount of time is spent under the guidance of teachers who may not be interested in presenting a balanced perspective on the world of work nor how the world works. My clients are families who have broad economic interests, but who may not get to instill those values at the dinner table every night or may need assistance counteracting the progressive nature of their schools. Let me help you prepare your children for the active world of work. We cover topics ranging from school preparation (SAT/ACT/GMAT/LSAT/GRE, Admissions, Internships) to social, economic and professional issues. Students as young as 12 have gone through this process.

Programs for kids under 20 are typically run during school breaks in Winter and Summer from a single session to a 3-week camp. Summer season allows for the option to add academic coaching including SAT prep. Programs for 20+ are conducted year round one-on-one.

Please contact me for more information:

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