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Stop getting jobs, build a career!

Do you find yourself saying, “I wish I knew what I wanted to do,” “I thought this would be so different,” “I’m not learning anymore,” or “This job bites, now what?”

This course is designed to help you. If you are 20-something and have had at least one internship but have fewer than 10 years of work experience,* this is the course for you. In 3-weeks we will take you through the major components of building a personally fulfilling career including mapping out the next steps.

Most of us will (have to) work until we are well into our 60s and 70s. That means 50+ years of work. Can you imagine 50 years where you are now or on the path you are on right now? If not, you can’t afford to miss this course.

What you can expect to address:

Should I go to business school? If so, when?
Is a Masters Degree useful for me?
What experience do I need now to get where I want to go?
What do I really want to do long term?
How do I get there?

I will help you understand how to build a flexible, adaptable plan to get you to your goals. If you are honest about what you really want, this is the best way to get there. Careers are not linear. You have to prepare for the unexpected. That’s what we do best together.

I haven’t been exactly in your shoes but do understand what you may be up against. I’ve been coaching candidates on career development for 20+ years have facilitated several placements at top tier companies and business schools. You are in good hands. Do the work. I’ve got your back.


This course won’t work if you are not interested in work. There will be several hours of homework each week – only you will know if you’ve done it. During our beta test, students reported needing to spend 10-15 hours a week on the reflection assignments.

*If you have 6-8 years of military experience, but are now 3-5 years into corporate roles, this is still the right course for you.

Don’t settle on your goals. Set your goals better.