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In one weekend you can be done with more than 80% of the work for your MBA applications. But you could do that on your own, right?


It’s not just about getting the work done. It’s about getting the right work done so you can get in. That’s what we do together.

Over 2 days during online sessions we will cover the most pivotal aspects of your application, how to present your candidacy, and how to maximize your individual opportunity for admission at your top 3 schools.

This isn’t canned advice that kinda sorta applies to everyone.

This is the work I do with my 1-1 application students. Frankly, the early work is rough. You will write; you will throw it out; you will write some more. But through it all, you’ll have a coach who has guided over 150 candidates 1-1 through the MBA application process with 97.8% success at their #1 program – usually HBS or GSB.

It’s not quite the same as 1-1.

I won’t be able to hold your hand like I do my 1-1 applicants. So this is best for students who are ready to kick it into high gear but know that some pointed guidance will take the application from good to great.

Let’s get you in.