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Do Well. Do Good.

This course has the bulk of the background work you should take seriously if you want to make sure that your life and your legacy are in alignment.

There is an illusion of separation between personal and professional lives, particularly among our parents’ generations. That is not true in my experience. Perhaps your mileage will vary? You should consider doing the work that will allow you to live a fully integrated life rather than struggle to keep personal and professional in two buckets. (That said your time can be split, but your mind not so successfully).

You can get A Job. That’s not why you’re here. You are here because you realized you want more than A Job or even more than A Career, you want to build a better world or leave a legacy. You want to do and BE more. You may be a bit of a dreamer.

Cool. I love that about you.

But it’s hard to still be a dreamer if your life and professional pursuits are not in alignment. So we will fix that. Maybe we need to change your path. Maybe we just need to see a different avenue aligned with this path. If you hate your job or field so far, it may be a simple realignment. Trust me on this.

This work will help us get to the bottom of the short-term tactical choices versus the long-term strategic choices that will best set you up for the long haul. When you have a strong long-term vision, you can afford to weather the bumps of short term tactical choices. Very few people have the capacity to read a full paragraph and fewer still will read this whole page. Almost none will do the work it takes to get beyond a superficial set of wants. You want to be liked. You want to make money or be financially independent.

Wants are trivial.

They do little to help you discover your calling. So focus less on your artificial goals and “wants”. Instead, do the work here. If you’re really smart, you can let go of the external messaging you’ve internalized through your life – the social and cultural messages we all grow up with – but most of us will have to settle for becoming aware of that messaging so we can make our own decisions about it.

Very few people have the capacity to think through this long-term generally strategic idea. They have a hard enough time with the daily tactical. Do not lean on your parents or friends to help you with this. You are on your own.

And it is the most free-ing thing you can possibly experience.

Dive in.

What I wanted out of the prep process was a better GMAT score – and thanks to putting in the work, and you not giving up on me, I got one.  But now I’m 5-6 years removed from taking the GMAT, and I never think about  my GMAT score, and no one ever asks me what my GMAT score was (thank god).  But what I think the most valuable thing that I got out of the process is, and something that I think about and lean on all the time, is a sense of confidence about my professional career and my future that I completely lacked when I first started down this path.  I don’t know if I’ll stay at BCG forever, or even work in a traditional MBA-type job in the future, but I’m very confident that whatever I decide I want to do next, with a solid plan, hard work, support, and time, I’ll be able to get there.  This equates to freedom – I know that I can change my mind, and I know that I’ll probably be able to get there if I want it badly enough.  To me, this has been the true value of all the work that we put in, and has lasted much longer than a single test score or b-school acceptance.

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