Using Your Student Center

Within your student center you will see

  1. The login/logout in the Top Navigation Menu.
  2. Your Enrolled Courses.
  3. Notes you’ve taken along the way.
  4. Quick link to book tutoring and strategy appointments.
  5. Option to ask a Career/MBA/GMAT question.
  6. Any questions you are following from the Q&A.
  7. Answers you have submitted to other student’s questions (thanks!)
  8. Link to our research partner who provides the scientifically validated assessments we use with Career Coaching clients.
  9. Links to administrative resources like billing information.

You can add paid and free courses from the Courses page. One of the courses that can help you determine your next steps is the Pre-MBA Free Resources. You can add it to your account on the course description page.

Within this course you will see how the rest of the courses are organized into lessons and topics. You’ll also get instructions for using each of the part of the student center. This stays in your course list for future reference.


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