Why Register for the Prepwise website? Well, frankly if you don’t register, we can’t tell if you’re a real student who needs access or a bot that’s just sucking up resources.

So in order to ask a Question, Answer a question, take a course or even to sign up for tutoring, you have to have an account.

How do we use this information?

Just to give you what you have requested and as appropriate tell you about related resources and courses you may find helpful. We do not share or pimp out your information in any way.

The login box is located in the upper left corner of the page. It’s below the banner. Since you are in this course, you should see your user name with the opportunity to log out (because you are currently logged in). If you ever forget your password, you will do it from this same login widget.

Your Student Center is prepwise.com/my-account

That’s where you can ask your questions, create answers for other students (pay it forward!), and jump into any of the courses you have joined.