Example Undergraduate Standards – Do you cut it?

SAT scores: how do you compare? Here are the standard SAT scores for some of the most top-tier colleges, including Harvard, Yale and Duke.

One of the perils of working as an Instructor is explaining what I do when I meet someone new. If you’re an Architect, you probably don’t get the, “Oh my G, I totally hate buildings!” Because . . . well, that’s completely absurd. Yet I regularly get, “Oh yuck! I hated the SAT!” / “I’m terrible at Math” / “Standardized tests are evil.” Okay, okay! I get it.

By why hate the SAT, it’s just a big game. Learn how to play the game and you will be rewarded. Taking shortcuts . . . you will be punished. Simple. Not easy, but simple.

A new team member was scouring the Twitter-sphere for comments about the SAT and close to 100% of the comments were bummers. I kind of suspect a happy SAT study tweet would be met with derision, but that’s a shame. Think your prep into a game.

example chart

This is one of the charts in our D1 parent’s pack. It can be illuminating to see how your kids stack up with the averages. If you are at a great prep school, you probably already know this, and your guidance counselor has been cracking on you since 8th grade (if not before!). If you aren’t, here’s what you are up against when it comes to admissions and recruiting. If your academics are behind your peers, you can take AP and achievement tests (SAT II, School specific) to catch up. But if you’re heading into athletic recruiting camps the summer before your Senior year without the academics tightened up, you may be at a large disadvantage. Top tier programs do not bend as readily to the will of Athletic coaches as some may hope.

If you’re headed to a D1 program or in the recruiting stage, what have the coaches said to you? We can help you demystify the feedback on your academic profile. Post your SAT/ACT, GPA and what the coach(es) said at camp and I’ll post our translation.

Good luck!

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