Five Things to Take Off Your Resume in 2017

Have You Updated Your Resume?


Resumes, especially older ones need a good update when job searching in this market. Objective statements make resumes look dated and need to be removed. Take out references available upon request, employers are aware of that and don’t need to read it. Jobs over ten years old or anything not related to the job you are looking for are both too much unneeded information. Replacing your home address for an URL with your online profile is a better way for an employer to get to know you.

Key Takeaways:

  • This brief description should tell employers what you bring to the role that others don’t.
  • If nothing else, one-pagers are easier to hand out at networking events.
  • Don’t assist them by including jobs that are more than 10 years old, unless you’re high up on the corporate ladder.

“It’s illegal to discriminate against workers based on age (once you’re 40), but employers do it anyway, and often through sneaky means.”