GMAT schedule for Round 1 – Summer is over

Have you taken the GMAT yet?



Friendly reminder, if you have not booked your August test date for the GMAT, book soon! In many markets it is hard to get a desirable GMAT time in August and early September. So many students aim to take the test in the Monday morning 8a slot. If you want one of these spots, sign up early! If you want one of these spots in August . . . consider signing up in April. That’s an exaggeration, but not by much. The good news is, students change appointment dates all the time. Your GMAT competition regularly flakes out or crumbles under the pressure of study and the allure of summer – so fear not if you need that spot and one isn’t available today. Grab your next best choice and periodically check the site to see if anything else is available. You will have to pay a change fee if you want to move the appointment time, but having an ideal appointment can be worth the $50!

Haven’t started preparing . . .  ???

Well, this could get messy. Start cracking the books.

Prepwise is offering a single day GMAT prep course. All the stuff you need, none of the fluff. There are two options in August, Saturday, August 16th and Saturday August 23rd in New York City. Sign up if you need a quick overview, a refresher or a kickstart to your study plan. These one-day courses do not require a former student referral or assessment session. Put your GMAT worries behind you in one day.


4 Days before the GMAT part 3: No time off

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