Grammar Nerds Rejoice

Test your grammar skills by answering these two questions.

Think you have grammar chopz? These two questions are in a quiz listed by the Baltimore Sun. Link to the full quiz is below. I’ll put up my take on how the GMAT would respond next Monday. If you think you have the chopz, make your case in the comments below.

(1) Miss Mann is one of the few students who live within walking distance of the school.
Would you change live to lives to agree with one?

GMAT consideration: Notice the prepositional phrase of the few students, who ties to students or one or could tie to either?

(2) The talks stalled until a mediator could work out differences between the three parties.
Would you change between to among?

Want the full quiz?

Not all reported answers would mesh with how the GMAT treats grammar issues. Remember, grammar is full of guidelines, not rules.

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