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Even if you aren’t sure Grad School is for you, this is the course you need. My focus for all of my students is to create an Integrated Life. Career and personal life are not easily isolated. Better to figure out how to integrate the ways you want to …

Do Well and Do Good.

Are you SURE you want to apply to MBA programs? Fine, all of the MBA program resources are here as well as the Life Coach resources. But this course serves my not-so-sure students too. Maybe MBA? Maybe Law School? Maybe Health Care Start-up? Film School? Maybe no more school? All valid options. All things my real students have gone off to do. My objective for you with this course to help you understand strategically what will help you create a fulfilling life.

Then we hit the tactical methods to make that happen. Strategy first, then tactics. You get access to all of it all at once, but I’ve provided a walk through doc to give you the best shot.

If you need the MBA application materials right away, you get them here.

Personal Development (Integrating Life and Work):

  • Skills vs Interests
  • Goals vs Objectives
  • Paths forward
  • Graduate school options
  • Tactics

Your Best Life

What students say:

What I wanted out of the prep process was a better GMAT score – and thanks to putting in the work, and you not giving up on me, I got one.  But now I’m 5-6 years removed from taking the GMAT, and I never think about  my GMAT score, and no one ever asks me what my GMAT score was (thank god).  But what I think the most valuable thing that I got out of the process is, and something that I think about and lean on all the time, is a sense of confidence about my professional career and my future that I completely lacked when I first started down this path.  I don’t know if I’ll stay at (Bulge Bracket Consulting) forever, or even work in a traditional MBA-type job in the future, but I’m very confident that whatever I decide I want to do next, with a solid plan, hard work, support, and time, I’ll be able to get there.  This equates to freedom – I know that I can change my mind, and I know that I’ll probably be able to get there if I want it badly enough.  To me, this has been the true value of all the work that we put in, and has lasted much longer than a single test score or b-school acceptance.

Former Student

Understanding how to articulate what you want to be a part of, setting yourself up for big accomplishments and executing on lower level wins…. Getting familiar with what your sphere of influence is and pursuing self-actualization. 

Student Comment

Delighted me: I’ve seen wins and progress, I’m aware of my surroundings both professional and personal, I take my goals seriously and most importantly feel like they’re attainable. I liked looking at my personal life more objectively, I loved that, I hate the emotional-sympathy programmed reaction everyone is set up to have when you seem confused about something in the relationship/romantic realm

Student Comment

I’ve offered the Integrated Life program in different forms since 2006. This program is meant for the student who has the discipline to plumb the depths of his or her soul and then to execute on it.

The program is offered as annual recurring. I’ve found that students want to be done right away, but need to refer back to material over 3ish years. Is finding fulfillment worth $8/mo?

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