High Achievers coping with the SAT

At Prepwise we tend to attract high achiever students. Many find coping with the SAT while excelling in school and extracurricular activities painful. What follows is our tried and true method for taking the pain out of preparing yourself for a stellar high school career without dropping any balls.

Objective: create the best opportunities for student achievement in the post high school race.

Ideally the family takes time to address/revisit the student’s long term objectives in his freshman year of high school. I prefer to meet with students in the second half of their freshman year. Meeting this early lets us build a path for the student: how involved in athletics, which teams, which camps, what service, what work, what social, what extracurricular? We strive to build well-rounded, interesting, fulfilled men and women.

1. First contact 9th grade or early 10th grade.
2. 10th grade PSAT.
3. Fine tune academic, social, athletic plan of action mid-late 10th grade.
4. Prepare for PSAT/SAT over the summer between 10th and 11th grade.
5. Nail the PSAT 11th grade.
6. Brush up on SAT material.
7. Take the SAT (to prove-up score for NMSQT if applicable), no later than Spring 11th grade.

This course of action allows a student to focus time and energy on the SAT when it hinders academic and athletic achievement the least, the summer after 10th grade. The summer between your Junior and Senior year should be spent developing your talents: attending recruiting camps, volunteering in your chosen field of service, and developing your career interests.

According to our conversations with coaches recruiting at Ivy League and top camps, the coaches are not particularly interested in rising Juniors and rising Sophomores.

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