How to Avoid Beating Yourself Up Over Little Mistakes

That little voice in your head that cautions you after you make a mistake can turn very loud when you are trying to improve yourself in a big way. In order to not run into what can become negative guilt from your inner voice, you need to have strategy. Be aware of going into a situation that can cause problems, Ho over outcome scenarios in you head, prioritize what’s important and keep a journal of positive outcomes to Remington yourself you can do the right thing. All these tools will help you from being so critical of yourself that it causes too much stress.

Key Takeaways:

  • I have this little voice in my head that likes to slam me for the missteps I make.
  • My voice might be a little bit on the cruel side, but I think that some version of that voice exists inside all of us. It chides us for our missteps.
  • You set strong standards for yourself, which is good, but then your negative internal voice is unleashed and it criticizes you hard for simple mis-steps

“In small doses, that little voice can be a powerful moral compass.”

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