How To Make The Most Of Your Business School Feedback Call

If you are wait-listed or thinking of reapplying to business school, it’s important to make the most of your feedback call. Review your application, be prepared to answer questions based on what you wrote. Be prepared to follow any advice they give you and avoid being defensive or hostile towards their remarks and listen, don’t interrupt as they talk. If they say it’s a competitive year, it means your application or recommendations needed to stand out more. Don’t make the admissions officer uncomfortable asking if you can get in next year, it’s awkward and the officer really doesn’t know.

Key Takeaways:

  • In order to get the most of your business school feedback call prepare ahead of time by reviewing your application.
  • You should listen more than you talk. You will receive valuable advice on how to improve you chances when you apply again. Don’t get defensive.
  • Follow the advice given to you in order to increase your chances of getting in the next year.

“If your dream school tells you to retake your GMAT, to enroll in accounting or to rewrite your essays, please be prepared to do so if you want to strengthen your candidacy.”

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