Internship Interviews

Are you applying for an internship? If so you may feel pressure to be more polite than normal (good!). But you may not think to ask the questions that will help you determine if this is the job for you. An internship is often a prelude to a full time job offer. Consider asking a few targeted questions to maximize your experience.

Here are 3 questions you can ask that will maximize your internship experience.Questions the intern should, but rarely, asks:

1. Who can I turn to for feedback on my performance as I progress through the internship?

This is not necessarily the person you will officially report to and may not be an obvious person (HR, Manager, etc.). Show that you are willing to seek out feedback. Also demonstrate that you understand that the real chain of command may not be obvious.

2. How early does the CEO (insert name instead) begin his/her workday?

This will give the you a perspective on what the company actually expects of you rather than what HR officially tells you. Stated hours may be 9-6, but if the CEO arrives at 7a everyday, you would be wise to get in before 8a most days, and before 7a if you can handle it. Plus, you’ll be more likely to catch the CEO’s attention early in the day. Early risers seem to prefer other early risers.

Face time with the boss(es) is important. You know this, but really, it is important. Don’t forget that. You are totally expendable as an intern. You’re not likely to add much value to the company until you’ve been on the team 9+ months – long past your internship – no matter how smart you (think you) are. Give yourself as much opportunity to get to know the obviously and strategically important people.

3. Are there any additional skills I should learn before I start?

Show your go-getter attitude and willingness to be humble.

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