Executive MBA programs

If you are planning to apply to a competitive Executive MBA program, you will need to supply a solid GMAT score. Many EMBA candidates are caught off-guard when they sit for the GMAT, and often feel that they need to downgrade their dream MBA programs once they see the score.

The test felt harder than I expected.
It covered material I didn’t expect.
My timing was way off.
I’ll never reach my goal score.
The EMBA Programs I want are out of reach.

Don’t Downgrade Your EMBA Dreams!

You don’t have to start from scratch, but you do need new tools. Our courses will prepare you for the GMAT whether you are preparing for your first take or a retake. Stop spending time on infrequently tested topics! Stop investing energy in learning tricks. Learn the content you actually need to be successful on the GMAT. Taught by a seasoned GMAT professional who understands your time constraints and goals, our courses are designed to maximize your results in the shortest possible time frame. We offer an EMBA-oriented GMAT course in one 8-hour day.

Wharton’s policy of requiring it (GMAT) is in line with rigorous programs with high admissions requirements because it is a predictor of academic success.  If you’re not willing to study for the GMAT, how will you get through an MBA program?
-Eric Chambers, GMAC School Research and Relations Director for the Americas

One Day GMAT Course

Our one day GMAT course will teach you important execution strategies as well as bring you up to speed on the main topics tested. Think of this as the synthesis of 9 weeks of coursework.

Taught by a seasoned professional for seasoned professionals, this course is very specifically geared toward Executives and as such moves at an appropriate pace. This is a unique offering in the GMAT marketplace. Few if any other professional instructors have worked with as many EMBA-bound students as Kate has. Many of our students are ready to sit for the exam within 4 weeks.

Surround yourself with other high caliber EMBA-bound students.

Your GMAT Instructor, Kate McKeon

PageLines- kmmhead.jpgYou may recognize Kate as the former face of another big GMAT brand, ManhattanGMAT, owned by Kaplan. Since October 2012, Kate has taught GMAT courses and tutored independently. Since 2009, she has worked with over 2600 students and helped several students go from the 400s to the 700s. No matter where you start, she can pull the best out of you. Her EMBA candidates have successfully entered Columbia, Wharton, Duke Cross Continent, INSEAD and NYU.

Scoring in the 99th percentile on the GMAT herself, Kate has helped her students raise their scores an average of 151 points.

Get the skills to get your best score.


FAQ and Myth Busting

  • Do Business Schools average my GMAT scores?

In short, no. Business schools take your best score. They only care about your best score.

  • I have to have a 720 or I will not get into my top program.

Not true! First, not all 720s are created equal. Some students earn their points through a stronger performance on the verbal portion. If that’s the case, some programs will be concerned that you are too weak to successfully complete their quantitatively-oriented programs. Certain heavy hitter schools are very concerned about the quantitative portion of your score.

Second, plenty of 720s get turned down while the 670s and even the 580s (yes, true!) get admitted. Why? How?

The top programs are interested in you holistically. They want students who can bring their knowledge and experience to bear across many disciplines – it makes the experience richer for all those involved.

  • The schools don’t view the GMAT as important.

Wrong. One admissions committee member lamented the scores of his program’s participants and stated, “Perhaps we will simply have a very small class this year.” He preferred to have a smaller enrollment rather than admit candidates he felt would pull down the prestige of the program.

  • Concerned you won’t hit your target deadlines?

It isn’t pleasant to consider, but some students do ultimately push their application dates due to their GMAT performance. My objective is for each student to get into the school that best suits him/her. All MBA programs are long term investments. Reach out to me before or after class to discuss your particular situation.

  • Feel too rusty to join a GMAT course?

Okay, it probably has been several years since you’ve been in a math course. That’s why we focus on getting you back up to speed immediately. You really do not have to master all of the material, you need to master the essentials. Our focus, particularly for EMBA candidates is to get you up to speed on the essentials ASAP. Because you are in class with other EMBA candidates, you move at the right pace with the class.

  • I don’t need to study, I’m good at writing and math.

The GMAT is a strategy game more than a test. It is important to understand how you are being judged. As an admission test rather than achievement test, it is not sufficient to be familiar with material. You must not only know the material, but be able to execute better than your peers. The GMAT gets more competitive every year.