Make The Most Of Your Summer: Study Up for the SAT

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Summer time is known for its sunshine, leafy trees and great expectations of fun. It’s also a great opportunity to study for the SAT! Away from daily responsibilities as students, the summer allows students to focus on increasing their scores, establishing new targets and working on their strengths and weaknesses in greater depth.

1. Take Advantage Of Summer Freedom

Students are often told to take time to look at their past practice tests and exercises and go over their mistakes but they rarely have the time to do so. Now is the time to go over past work and target those weaknesses. The SAT is all about pattern recognition: the more familiar a student gets with patterns through trial and error, the more successful he or she will be. As a student, try to assess the “type” of exercises you struggle with and go over each type until you are able to master.

2. The Brain Is A Machine (Keep It Well-Oiled!)

Studying throughout the year is valuable, but if, come summer, a student takes a hiatus from SAT studies, incremental gains made may be lost. When students return to school in September, they will have to get accustomed to the specifics of the test all over again. Basic exercises will feel unfamiliar and time will be spent on rework. If you want to be ready by the October or November test date, it is pivotal for you to work on the test throughout the summer.

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3. Routines Are Healthy

Students who organize their days throughout the summer will make the best of it. Aim to study Monday through Friday in the morning and go out to play with friends in the afternoon. Discipline is a healthy skill to acquire long before leaving home for college. Summer doesn’t have to be all about studying or all about play. It can be both! Finding a balance is essential and will help you stay motivated throughout your preparation for the test. Remember that during the summer, the days start earlier and end later – make the best of it!

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