670 GMAT(Q-49,V-33).IR-2 ,AWA-4

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Career Dev Staff Staff asked 6 years ago

Ask Kate: 670 GMAT with Q-49 and V-33. Time for a GMAT retake if aiming for CMU MISM program?



670 GMAT(Q-49,V-33).IR-2 ,AWA-4

.I plan to do MISM from CMU or MS in business analytic ASU.Should i retake?
Work ex-5 yrs.

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 6 years ago

Your score is “in range” but at the lower end of the range. Most schools refer to their range as where the middle 80% of students land. (That can vary though)

The only way for your score to improve is to work on your verbal. That V-33 is holding back your overall score. It’s low enough that schools may be concerned about your reasoning and comprehension abilities if you speak English natively. If you have learned English as a second language, they may be more forgiving.

If English is your native language, retake. Focus on improving your comprehension and reasoning.

If English is not native, you may be okay.

Other things that would normally be ignored (basically): AWA and IR, may become a factor in evaluating you. You bombed IR. Again, may be a reasoning situation. If you retake, do yourself a favor, learn how to work with IR questions and practice the AWA a few times.