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Greston Wise Staff asked 9 years ago

Ask Kate: 700 GMAT score with 44Q and 32V. GMAT retake for INSEAD admission?



Hi Kate,

I scored 700 (44Q, 58% /42V 96%) and I got waitlisted for INSEAD. I have a degree in Finance and Accounting, GPA 3.6, am a Chartered Accountant, and work in Finance. Do I need to retake?



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Kate McKeon Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Lin,

The Q44 is a little bit troubling. INSEAD moves very, very quickly. That year is up before you know it. They have demonstrated reasonable concern about the preparation students have prior to entry. If you can demonstrate high marks in quantitative coursework – think stats, not “business” math, make sure you’ve submitted the extra essay or supplemental material pointing ad coms to your quant capabilities. If you’ve already done that and you’ve taken the GMAT once or twice, consider sitting for a 3rd try. Expect to spend 5 weeks in prep for the last take as long as you’re working on the right materials.

Good luck!
P.S. Given the delay, hope you’re already in at INSEAD. My students who have attended have raved about the program. Highly recommend!