Approximately how many freight forwarding companies are based in the United States?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: Operations CareersApproximately how many freight forwarding companies are based in the United States?
Career Dev Staff Staff asked 4 years ago
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Career Dev Staff Staff answered 4 years ago

10,445 companies under Freight Forwarding in the United States.

Number one on the list is DHL Services. DHL Supply Chain (DSC) is by far the world’s largest 3PL and contract logistician. Contract logistics revenues were 53% of its gross logistics revenues for 2010. The revenues for Exel (DHL Supply Chain – Americas) contract logistics are $4 billion with 491 warehouses and 95 million square feet of space. Exel/DSC has operations of virtually every kind on every continent. Current major initiatives involve expansion in pharmaceuticals and sustainability. DHL Global Forwarding (DGF) grew through the acquisition of highly respected companies like Danzas. DHL and Danzas are strong branches in Europe and Asia. DGF currently has 31 global carrier partners with 81 contracts on a multitude of trade lanes and more than 330 gateway facilities. Its annual volume is 2,772,000 TEUs and its LCL is 2,000,000 cubic meters. There are more than 45,000 weekly point pairs for LCL globally. DGF handles 2,200,000 shipments annually. DHL’s scope allows its customers to more easily adjust vendor supply chains.