GMAT 710 91% (Q44 48%, V41 94%, IR 7 81%, AWA 6 88%)

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admin Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Kate,
I am planning to apply for a Master in finance pre-experience in a business European school to break into the asset management industry after my master. My main options include LSE, HEC, Imperial College London, St. Gallen, ESSEC. I am a bit concerned that my quant score will affect my application. My academics are really good as I graduated top class from a finance degree. I have internships in major national companies and one international company. Additionally, I have around 2 years of full time experience in one of the largest CPG companies in the world, and I have cofounded and operated a small business. I am planning to apply for the first round, which may start around October. I am not sure whether my quant GMAT is too low for the universities mentioned, what do you think?

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 3 years ago

Good question. MFinc is normally a more technically demanding degree. If I am understanding you, you intend to do a Masters in Finance in order to break into asset management. If that’s not quite correct, add your comment below.

Assuming that’s correct, you have 2 challenges with the quant: 1. it is low for the type of program at competitive schools (more in a moment) and 2. it is low for hiring managers at certain firms for the type of role you seem interested in.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get in. However, you’re starting the degree and the recruiting process already behind. Firms look at your scores. Recruiting begins BEFORE you start school. If you are willing to compromise on which school and which firms might hire you . . . I’d still recommend a retake unless you’ve already taken 2-3 times.

For a Masters in Finance I wouldn’t want you applying with less than a 48 on quant without knowing your particulars. If you are from an over-represented group, the 41 on Verbal is great, so there’s a little slack, but over-rep groups need to hit 50. That used to be a rare score. It is no longer rare. Too many people have crammed on quant. At least you are balanced.

So here’s another side of this: if you are over the school average once you retake (i.e. 740), you are probably okay even with a 45 on quant (I don’t love it, but…) so your strategy should be to improve on quant – because you need to and to improve on verbal as a strategic play.

Good luck and let me know how it goes,