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Greston Wise Staff asked 7 years ago


I just took the GMAT for the first time this weekend and score a 720 overall with a 42Q, 47V, and 8IR.

I am wondering if my low quant score is too much of a red flag for top 10 schools and should retake, or if my other experience makes up for this and I should focus on other areas (extracurricular).

I have my bachelors degree in Finance with a 3.81 GPA, have passed all three levels of the CFA exams, and work in equity research.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Kate McKeon Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Jared,
That quant is too low. Since this was your first take, you definitely want to get another one on the board. Any improvement in quant will help a great deal. The 42 is not just not telling a good story, it’s telling a cautionary tale. 
Excellent job with the verbal. Keep yourself tuned up there. Add some strong quant work – get professional guidance if you can afford it – and your total score will be over all the averages. Get to it!