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Greston Wise Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi kate do I need to retake my GMAT (Q50, V25, 620) AWA 5.5 and IR8.
I am an engineer with masters degree and 6 years of experience willing to go for MBA at a top european or US school.

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 5 years ago

You either need to retake and really, really get that verbal up, or you will want to look at non-US schools more heavily. The V25 is just death to a top US program. The overall score is too low as well. Your overall score puts you in the both half of the class at third tier schools (Schools 25-50 +/-). Prepping for verbal, get the verbal to 38 and you should be a remote possibility. Get the Verbal to 42 and you’ll be a contender.

Other things the schools will ask about you as a candidate:
Masters degree and Engineering background are nice, but do you have managerial experience?

If you do, express that clearly through the stories in your app. If you do not . . . you’ll need to demonstrate in some other relatively clear way that you have the capacity to manage a group of very different people in the ways that are most effective for those people. To explain further, make sure you can emphasize that you understand different people/departments/etc. may need different communication patterns (“Buy-in”) to do their best work and that you are willing to adapt to what your people need. Business schools – top programs – are shunning the dictator manager style.

Make it happen!